In a world dominated by screens, a concerning trend has emerged - the decline of reading habits. Brace yourself as we dive into the exciting journey of how we, at Leads Brand Connect, devised a game-changing campaign that brought back joy into the lives of screen-stressed kids. Get ready to witness the remarkable power of comics as we restore the magic of reading.

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The Challenge: Screen Epidemic

With the pandemic and social distancing measures, screen time among children aged 5 to 15 years has surged by a staggering 100%. A survey by OLX India revealed that 84% of parents expressed concerns about this increase in screen time. However, amidst the digital era, striking a balance between screen time and non-technological activities like reading has become an urgent challenge. But we at Leads Brand Connect stepped up to the plate, armed with an ingenious plan to tackle this growing menace head-on.

The Solution: TakeABreakReadAComic

Enter the realm of imagination, where comics reign supreme! We pondered the challenge at hand. The #ComicPadhanaCoolHaicampaign aimed to restore the balance between the digital age and the timeless joys of reading.

The Power of Comic Relief

Reading is not just about decoding words on a page; it encompasses listening, understanding, and immersing oneself in new narratives. Regardless of a child's reading proficiency, books have the potential to engage, entertain, and provide a respite from the monotony of screen time. We recognized the inherent value of this ancient art and harnessed it through the introduction of captivating comics. It was the perfect antidote to combat the monotony of screen time and reintroduce the joy of reading. It’s encouraged children to take a break from their screens and dive into the enchanting world of comics. With colorful illustrations, captivating storylines, and relatable characters, these comics became a gateway to rekindle the joy of reading. By making reading more accessible, appealing, and aligned with the interests of today's tech-savvy generation, We successfully captured their attention and imagination.

The Comic Revolution

Our quirky and relatable campaign struck a chord with both children and their parents. The #ComicPadhanaCoolHai campaign generated a tremendous impact on children, parents, and society at large. Bail Kolhu's initiative ignited a renewed interest in reading, with children embracing comics as a delightful alternative to excessive screen time. Parents, relieved to find a healthy balance, rejoiced as their children rediscovered the magic of books. The campaign also garnered widespread appreciation for its ability to blend tradition and progress seamlessly with the help of our strategic PR efforts.

Press Relation

To maximize the reach of our campaign, we orchestrated a series of PR activities that garnered significant media attention and public support. One of the vital PR initiatives was the distribution of free comics with brand oil bottles at various events, including high-profile children's festivals. This not only created a buzz around the campaign but also established a strong brand association with the cause of reclaiming childhood. Additionally, we strategically placed comic stands at the bustling Delhi Railway Station, capturing the attention of commuters and creating a sense of intrigue.

Our PR efforts paid off handsomely, generating extensive media coverage and widespread appreciation for the #ComicPadhanaCoolHai campaign. The initiative caught the attention of influential media outlets, with newspapers, television channels, and online platforms featuring the movement and its positive impact on children's reading habits.


The Bail Kolhu Comics have received over 5000+ subscriptions, a testament to their popularity and effectiveness. In a world obsessed with screens, the #ComicPadhanaCoolHai initiative emerged as a superhero, rescuing children from the clutches of excessive screen time. By infusing the magic of comics into their lives, we managed to strike a balance between technology and tradition. Through our quirky and relatable campaign, we paved the way for a brighter future, one comic at a time. Join us as we champion the cause of reclaiming childhood, where the enchantment of reading reigns supreme!