Yeh Hai Badalta Bharat

Witness the power of advertising at its finest! In a remarkable collaboration, our creative masterminds at Leads Brand Connect joined forces with BL Agro Industries Ltd to conceptualize, execute, and propel the extraordinary campaign known as Yeh Hai Badalta Bharat. Inspired by India's rapid growth and the extraordinary achievements of our Olympic champions, this campaign aimed to ignite a sense of national pride and drive positive change throughout the country.

Services : Film Production , Digital, PR,


#YeHaiBadaltaBharat was an ode to our champions' undying spirit and zeal to fight. When approached by BL AGRO Industries Ltd with such a thought- just like any other patriot, we were thrilled and pumped to deliver something worth remembering. Hands down promotion across all social media platforms was done. Through our vast digital experience, we knew, we had to create a storm, it starts by thoughtfully curating the content, right from the first tweet to the 10,487th tweet & counting, monitoring every content piece of the twitter universe, resulting the hashtag #YeHaiBadaltaBharat trending in the top 3 Trends with a total trend life of over 16 hour. So much so that it was acknowledged by none other than the Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi himself.

Film Production

Leads Brand Connect in association with Kailasa Entertainment produced the YeHaiBadaltaBharat film that showcased India’s victorious moments not just in sports but also in defence and other areas. The PMO was also kind enough to grant permission for using Prime Minister’s clip in the video.

Public Relation

The patriotic initiative was taken up by prominent media partners. The song also ran on radio stations as well. Over 100+ reputed names had picked up this story and had media & influencers talking about the campaign.