Rasode Mein Mard Hai

A campaign that changed the narrative in Indian kitchens, and normalized the notion of gender equality when it came to taking up kitchen duties. A collaborative effort of the creative, production and media teams to execute the public service campaign, RasodeMeinMardHai became an instant révolution that saw contributors across all ages and gender voicing their support to the cause.

Services : Brand Strategy , Advertising, Digital, PR,

Brand Strategy

Having run successful image building campaigns in the past, the agency and brand decided to create a campaign to help in building gender equality in the Indian kitchen. Since the objective was to break the stereotype that kitchen is a woman's place, the agency think tank relied on and leveraged a term already popular among the target audience "Rasode mein kaun hai?”. After much deliberation the agency came up with the campaign title #RasodeMeinMardHai.


The social campaign was launched by renowned actor Pankaj Tripathi in a press conference in Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi. He urged everyone to take up kitchen duties as a gender-neutral activity and also promoted his own belief in the same.

The campaign was taken on ground to the masses where people were asked to share their thoughts on the idea of men cooking in kitchen. An overwhelming response received was shared on social handles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with #RasodeMeinMardHai.


Campaign was also advocated by Bollywood actors Manoj Bajpaayee and Nawazuddin Siddiqui through digital bytes. The campaign was promoted on digital platform through multiple contests and influencers. A supporting website was created that explained the cause and brand philosophy. The website also became a platform for users to share their own ‘Rasode Mein Mard Hai’ story.

Press Release

The initiative was extensively promoted through PR campaigns in Print, TV and Radio with top channels like Big, Radio City, Red, Radio Mirchi, Fever, Hit, Ishq and FM Tadka supporting the cause with their radio jockeys working as influencers.

Film Production

In the second phase, LBC Films, the film production division of the agency produced five different Digital Films promoting the #RasodeMeinMardHai campaign with a humourous appeal. The digital films showcased men in different set ups like - a Politician and a Bureaucrat, - A Doctor and patient, - A corporate Boss and male executive, - Police Inspector and Shopkeeper, and - a Judge and a lawyer - All discussing cooking/recipes in an interesting way. The Digital films had a direct message that the characters are already cooking in the kitchen and now there is an increased participation of men in the kitchen.