Artificial Intelligence

How is Artificial Intelligence Used in the Film Industry?

Discover how artificial intelligence is transforming the film industry, from improving visual effects to automating tasks and creating realistic virtual characters.

The world is quickly adapting to Artificial Intelligence, whether ChatGPT or autonomous machines; it is the talk of the 21st century. Statistics claim that the AI market is expected to grow by 120% year after year. But the question is, How can we use it in making films and promotional video content for our products? If you are unaware, AI significantly contributes to the film industry, from scriptwriting to editing videos. It helps in enhancing human creativity by widening their horizon and bringing in unique ideas. Let us explore different ways in which AI is being used in filmmaking:

Script Writing

It is imperative to create a good script for any video content, be it movies, ad films and videos for social media pages. It should impact the right audience and generate revenue for the company. Scriptwriters at Leads Brand Connect take help from various AI tools to get inspiring and unique ideas for their scripts, and based on that, they develop great scripts for different products and services, keeping in mind the brand’s values and unique identity.

How does it Work?

AI tools are fed massive amounts of data from around the world. The Machine Learning Algorithms use this database to learn from it and create unique scripts. It can also be used for analysing the hand, correcting errors and getting more suggestions to improve the original script. This process is much faster than the manual one.

Video Editing

AI is an excellent inclusion in video editing as it removes a lot of burden from editors and makes their job easy and exciting. Various AI video editing tools are available in the market that can help in editing full videos with the help of the following technologies:

  • AI noise reduction technology helps in enhancing audio clarity and quality. It also automatically removes any background noise.
  • AI motion teaching technology can be used to trace moving objects and edit smoothly without editing every frame.
  • AI upscaling technology can be used to add slow motion and fast-forward effects in particular sections of the video.
  • Background-removing technology can be used to remove background objects from certain shots.
  • Masking features can also be used to overlay your clips with specific elements and filters to make them look more impactful.

Image Optimisation

There are various layers involved in editing an ad video for a product. It has to have a suitable colour theme to maintain a flow, the right frame to fit the standard frame size of a particular social media platform and the best graphics to make it look attractive and impactful. Let us know more about how AI can be used for image optimisation in video editing:

  • When you shoot a video for your social media page, it has distinctive colours and uneven skin tones. So, you can use AI editing tools to correct the colours of each frame and maintain a flow. You can also use it to correct skin tones, as it pays attention to every frame by finding irregularities and correcting them.
  • Each social media platform has different frame sizes. So, when you use an AI tool to optimise your images and videos, it helps identify the focal point of the image or video and keeps it visible during reframing for any platform. You can also manually choose a frame size beforehand.
  • These tools have transcription and captioning features that help create a transcript for your audio. So, you won’t have to manually write a caption for every frame based on a voice note. Moreover, it has different templates to make the transcript go well with the video.
  • You can also choose various graphics for your images and videos using AI tools, as it has a variety of graphic designs that can enhance the look and feel of your content.

Technology has transformed the film industry by bringing in Artificial Intelligence. It is amazing to see how a great film production company like Leads Brand Connect incorporates AI in their production process and makes their employees more tech-savvy by blending manual and AI-oriented creativity to bring out the best results for their clients.